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Marquette Basketball Secondary Offense

Marquette Basketball Offense

May 13, 2018
Chris Oliver

The Marquette basketball offense is outlined with clinic notes from head coach Steve Wojciechowski, and a video edit created by Basketball Immersion. Coach Wojciechowski outlined Marquette’s missed shot offense, and what he calls their after action offense. The missed shot

360-Degree Feedback

Using 360-Degree Feedback to Enhance Your Coaching

Apr 17, 2018
Chris Oliver

Coaches can use 360-degree feedback to enhance their coaching. In this blog sport psychology researcher Matt Hoffmann highlights how 360-degree feedback can be a useful process to help coaches and their teams be more effective. Matt’s suggestions are based on

Stab Dribble

The Stab Dribble Basketball First Step

Apr 03, 2018
Chris Oliver

Players often teach us what we should be teaching. This is the case for the stab dribble. I always taught first step jab, and first step crossover, to start the first dribble an offensive player takes. As I watched players,

Synergy Basketball Scouting Report

Synergy Basketball Scouting Report

Mar 15, 2018
Chris Oliver

Using Arizona I wanted to show you how we create basketball scouting reports using Synergy Sports Technology. The analytics, video analysis, from examining what teams with similar styles of ours have done vs. the same opponent, and experience from past

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