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All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave ...

Jan 27, 2019
Chris Oliver

“Dave Smart is as bright as anyone I’ve met in our business . His defensive philosophy and techniques have been helpful to us. We always look for opportunities to learn from Dave.” Jay Wright, Villanova University Never before access! It’s

Rebound Outlet

Rebound Outlet at the Nail Area Concept

Jan 08, 2019
Chris Oliver

An idea that could change your approach to rebounding and fast break offense is the rebound outlet at the nail area concept. I have talked about it on two podcasts now, and I get a lot of questions about this


Shooting Layups Using Perceptual Basketball Finish...

Oct 26, 2018
Chris Oliver

Shooting layups is a complex skill. What makes a layup complex is the perception action coupling process. Perceptual layups practice drills are designed to account for this process within the practice. Basically the perception action coupling process is the coordination

Lessons from Coaching at an International Basketba...

Oct 12, 2018
Chris Oliver

In this blog Mark Jablonski outlines his experiences and lessons learned from participating in an international basketball tournament. Mark participated as a part of 3D Global Sports International Development Coaching Program.  As part of the coaching staff for the 40th Jones

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Wide Offense MasterClass

Quick Ups and 21 Position Mast...

Basketball Immersion Members Only MasterClass

Jun 26, 2019

The Basketball Podcast: EP61 C...

In this week’s basketball coaching

Jun 26, 2019
Wide Offense MasterClass

Wide Offense MasterClass

Basketball Immersion Members Only MasterClass

Jun 19, 2019

The Basketball Podcast: EP60 W...

In this week’s basketball coaching

Jun 19, 2019
Wide Layup Teaching

Wide Layups

A Wide Layup is a

Jun 16, 2019

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