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Do You Believe You Will Win A Championship Every Y...

May 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Hello Coach Oliver. Do you come into every season, every year, whole-heartedly thinking you will in a championship? If so, do you ever have doubts throughout the season? If you would share your thoughts that would be great. I am

A Summary of How to Teach Shooting with Holger Ges...

May 10, 2015
Chris Oliver

To save you time, here is my summary of Are You Sure We Teach the Shooting by Holger Geschwindner, so you can watch the specific things that I feel are the most relevant. Gerschwinder is a mentor and shooting coach of Dirk Nowitzki.

My All-Time Favorite Inbound Play Doesn’t Al...

May 05, 2015
Chris Oliver

I have never put in a play, a defensive scheme, or a practice drill that I did not believe was the solution. Once I implemented an idea, I believed it would work. That positive belief is undoubtedly a good thing.

A Summary of Developing Young Guards by Arik Shive...

Apr 30, 2015
Chris Oliver

 Here is my summary of Coach Shivek’s video with the best drills highlighted for you to check out if they interest you. He plays with four perimeter players and spacing. Every player needs great ball handling and versatility in how they

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