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Why I am Taking the Year Off from the Job I Love

Jul 01, 2015
Chris Oliver

I am taking a sabbatical. I am taking a year off from coaching. Instead I am going to travel around the world with my family. I am going to spend the seven months of the season living differently. This may

One Day Brantford Coaching Clinic Notes

Jun 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

I did a one day clinic in Brantford, Ontario that covered a variety of topics. I wanted to share my notes with you. I have included s a video from that clinic as well. It demonstrates a 5-on-5 Chase Drill that reveals how

Make Your Practices More Game Like – A Summa...

Jun 10, 2015
Chris Oliver

Using a games sense approach to coaching basketball is a consistent theme of Basketball Immersion and can help you make your practices more game like. Player-centred coaching remains a novel approach for many. An autocratic style of instruction still dominates basketball coaching at

Transition Defense

Defensive Transition: Everything You Ever Wanted t...

May 29, 2015
Chris Oliver

I originally started writing this blog as a summary of a FIBA Coaching Library video on Defensive Transition by Andrej Lemanis. Coach Lemanis is the Australian national team coach and the video is excellent. I have summarized his drills and

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Mike Rocca

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In this week’s basketball coaching

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Tab Baldwin

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In this week’s basketball coaching

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Florida Clinic

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At the 2018 Florida Clinic

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Phil Beckner

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Sep 12, 2018

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