Learn How to Use Basketball Decision Training

Basketball Decision Training has taken root in the NBA, NCAA, FIBA and all levels of youth basketball. I want to help you learn BDT. Learning BDT is as simple as downloading this free video webinar. Why learn BDT? Learn more below about how BDT shooting can help you improve as a player, and better improve your players for competition as a coach.

I have respected Chris Oliver via his online sharing of important basketball concepts. But I was blown away by the rationale and evidence supporting his Basketball Decision Training. I am looking forward to diving into a much more detailed understanding of Chris’ approach. As coaches, we talk about decision making, but do very little to train it.

– Dave Paulsen, Former NCAA College Head Coach

Basketball Decision Training (BDT) increases our player’s enjoyment, retention and transfer. Every repetition is random and game-like in that there is distracting info and visual cues similar to what would be in a game.

The first thing I want you to understand is that I approach all practices from a play focus, rather than a drill focus. In our practices we teach skills and tactics out of competitive play situations. We run very few traditional drills without defense or what we refer to as “on-air” drills. We’ve stopped doing them. This just means instead of teaching the skill, then using that skill in a drill, and using that skill in a game, we move right to the game-like learning and teach the skill in the context of the game.

I have already incorporated so many of the Basketball Immersion teachings into my skill development work. Talk about ‘athlete satisfaction’, each one of the players I implemented the BDT concepts with loved the drills. They are engaged and focused throughout the work. They also feel a sense of accomplishment through a very limited number of shots so the work can be very efficient.

– Charles Klask, Denver Nuggets, Assistant Coach

Players gain so much more this way and the skills transfer much quicker into games. Not surprisingly, this method creates more decision making opportunities for players, which allows them to improve their game play based on what we do in practice. I feel that the decision making is way more difficult and important than the drills or skills themselves, yet as coaches our drills focus almost solely on the physical skills. In fact most drills don’t require any decisions to be made at all, which does a disservice to players.

Learn more about BDT from a player’s perspective on Episode 18 of The Basketball Podcast featuring Mike Rocca

This games approach to decision training in practice also creates a more open and random practice environment, which simulates the game and trains players to make decisions quickly as they would in a game. Basic drills and “on air” practices tend to be very scripted and don’t build the decision making capacity our players need to transfer their skills to games. This style of competitive play in practice is more free and empowering.

So what does this mean? How do you start implementing more BDT in your practices? You must first learn BDT.

Well, when I first moved to a games approach to teaching basketball and training players’ decision making capacity, I did not have a bridge from our individual skill development workout to our new style of practice. I am a big believer, like you I am sure, in the value of skill development workouts. If our players get better, our team gets better. Yet the skill development drills I was doing were largely void of decision making opportunities and were limiting our players rather than allowing them to grow. Many years ago now, I set out to change this myself.

Was it possible to develop skills and build decision making skills within our individual workouts?

I am happy to say now that yes it is. I solved this problem through BDT.

Chris Oliver has an impressive and insightful way to see the game and the only thing better than his ability to see it is his ability to teach it to others. He’s increasing his reach to others all the time and we are all better for it. He’s taking a players proactive approach to another level.

– Tom Crean, Georgia Bulldogs, Head Coach

Learn Basketball Decision Training with this Video Training

What is it? My goal is to share Basketball Decision Training and evidenced based coaching ideas I have been using for much of my career to stimulate your thinking about what you teach and how you teach. This video training will outline the philosophy behind our BDT teaching that is immersed in practical applications and research that all crossover to provide an effective and efficient learning experience for each player.

In addition, we will show how we sequence your teaching of BDT. How we create learning opportunities that help our athletes to improve their decision-making skills, not just their technical skills. We will also explain the teaching points that make BDT and Zero Seconds skills training effective, and demonstrate the practical and ready to use BDT drills.

When is it? The webinar is available now!

Where is it? You can access the video training through this link here: Learn BDT

Why? BDT can help you is to increase your player’s enjoyment of practice, improve retention and increase the transfer of the skills and decisions you teach to games through Basketball Decision Training.

Get Access to Basketball Decision Training Video Training here: Learn BDT

Still not sure you want to learn BDT shooting? Here is me explaining the concept in a coaching clinic setting.

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