Download and Edit Basketball Games

Every coach can benefit from watching basketball games with a purpose. Using these practical ideas to help you download and edit basketball games can increase your effectiveness. Editing basketball games is a learned skill. Just like developing a jump shot, improving your ability to edit basketball games involves effort to develop from a beginner to an expert.

Investing Time in Breaking Down Video will lead to

  • Decreased cognitive effort.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Increased confidence.

Anyone can learn to edit film quickly. You have to watch a lot. You have to learn to watch off the ball. It requires a discipline to watch a game without being a spectator. My suggestion is to watch a game on video rather than live. I rarely watch a basketball game live.  I download it and watch it on my editing system. In Part I Basketball Game Film Breakdown coaching experts provided their ideas on how they edit basketball games.

I want to focus on the practical process of editing basketball games. This begins with finding a game to edit, and then editing that game with editing software. In an ideal world you have the budget or resources to out-source a lot of the work. I know the reality is most coaches don’t have either. Both tools significantly increase your efficiency and focus your efforts immediately on what you want to breakdown. Tools like those are helpful but not essential. You can edit basketball game films on your own with no cost. Here are two videos that explain how and outline the process I use to download and edit basketball games for free.

How to Download Full Basketball Games to Edit

How to Edit Basketball Game Film Using MovieMaker

Note: I use Windows Movie Maker because it is free and all coaches on a PC have access to it. If you have an apple computer iMovie would be the similar option. I personally use Camtasia but there are many choices that vary by ease of use, cost and the number of tools available to add callouts, transitions etc.

If you missed it check out Part 1 featuring expert advice from NCAA, Pro, National and High School coaches here: Part 1 Basketball Game Film Breakdown

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