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 A side dribble is a dribble outside a player’s body. They are used to teach players how to use their arms to extend the dribble outside their body. Extending the dribble outside the body can create deception. An extended dribble can be used to set up a defender, but also to protect the ball in a shoulder to chest position with the dribble extended behind.


The Side Dribble Series is a progressively challenging dribbling, footwork, rhythm and ball-handling workout. It is most commonly used as a pre-practice workout or warm-up. Since it incorporates many dynamic movements it can also substitute for a dynamic workout.


After initial learning, the order of the Side Dribbles should be changed to make it random and varied, and most importantly every side dribble action can lead to a shot. This is part of our philosophy of mixing learning, and ending repetitions with a shot, rather than just training skills in isolation.

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