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Italian 3-on-3 is a small-sided game that creates an advantage and/or disadvantage situations naturally out of unpredictable situations. Both offensive and defensive situations can be coached using a games approach. Zero seconds skills, basketball decisions, and offensive or defensive concepts can be shaped using Italian 3-on-3. In this course, Italian 3-on-3 will be explained, as well as the use of constraints.

Why use Italian 3-on-3? Most advantage disadvantage drills coaches use are too organized to represent what actually happens in a game. For example, a 3-on-2, 2-on-1 drill may be valuable for giving players an initial representation of what you want to have happen in advantage and disadvantage situations, it is too scripted to connect the skills and decisions to the game. 

The game does not happen with perfectly organized lines, no pressure starts, with players in perfect spacing from the start, and more situations that are scripted in most advantage disadvantage drills. Italian 3-on-3 better replicates game conditions because player’s don’t know what is possible on offense or defense until they identify the situation. This must be done quickly to take advantage of the advantage or to counter a disadvantage.

Advantages of Using Italian 3-on-3

  • Requires little organization and maximizes the time-on-task of the players.
  • Creates unpredictability that simulates game situations.
  • Connects skills and decisions together.
  • Allows a coach to emphasize playing philosophy (Play fast and free, control and organize, or when to balance those two styles).
  • Presents a myriad of advantages and disadvantages to educate, instruct and experience. In 5 minutes of Italian 3-on-3, more game-like situations will be presented than what happens in most practices.
  • Two-way teaching creates a multiple games approach to coaching situations to stop, ask questions, provide implicit feedback, or experiential learning.

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