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Whether it is fast or slow learning, teaching out of 5-on-5 can best connect skills and decisions to the game. Teaching out of 5-on-5 helps players learn in the context in which the game is played. With all five offensive and defensive players on the floor, perceptions, decisions, and skills are used in a similar way as to how they would be used in a game. 


Even removing one offensive and defensive player from a drill can change the game context. For example, in a 4-on-4 situation there would normally be an offensive and defensive player in a certain spot, but since they aren’t there some context can be lost. 


Outlined in this course, is how I would teach a new play.

  • Slow Learning 5-on-5
  • Fast Learning 5-on-5
  • Breakdown or On-Air 5-on-0 Drills if Necessary

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