· October 8, 2020




Two way teaching is valuable for you as a coach. Drills that allow you to coach offense and defense at the same time stimulate your coaching development because you are coaching in the same context that games are played. This holds true for players as well. Putting players in drills that allow them to play offense vs. defense stimulates their development in the context of the game.

3-on-3 Closeout drills are an effective drill for teaching and refining closeouts, team defense concepts, and initiating 3-on-3 play. It is a competitive drill that incorporates defensive and offensive two way learning and teaching.

Three defenders line up out of bounds along the baseline. Three offensive players take positions on the wings and top of the circle. Normally players rotate from defense to offense to out. At its base level, 3-on-3 Closeouts is a drill for teaching and refining quick closeouts and initiating live offense vs. defense play. It can be used to progress closeouts from static drills to game applications. 


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