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The Triangle Offense is unique because it is not a collection of sets, as most teams run.  The triangle offense is a philosophy, a collection of fundamentals and sound principles. It has the same goal as any other system: to turn five individuals into a team. 

First and foremost, the triangle is a “read and react” offense. There is no playbook. There are no set routes or patterns. Instead, the offense runs as a sequence of options. Each new pass keys the next set of options. The players are taught these multiple options and asked to simply take the option that the defense is willing to give to the system. In this sense, the triangle is very much like a motion offense.

Advantages of the Triangle Offense:

  • Flow – There is often a grey area between transition and half-court where a lot of teams get lost. With the triangle, you keep that rhythm going.
  • Teamwork – Opportunities evolve from 2-player or 3-player sequences. 
  • Spacing – It provides a court spacing balance to prevent opposing offenses to get easy buckets in transition. 
  • Position less – No one player is set in one spot and positions are easily inverted to take advantage of match-ups.
  • High Percentage Shots – It can create post-ups, basket attacks, and penetration opportunities if run properly.

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