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In this course, we are going to cover the what, how, and why of the Two Side Fast Break.

What: The two side fast break is a primary offensive system of play that spaces the floor as wide as possible in transition. The spacing spots are the corners, the 45s, and either the trail spot in the middle of the floor or the dunker spot (what we call 21 position).

It can be executed on makes, misses, or turnovers.

How: In transition players fill the spacing spots in random or set ways depending on your philosophy, and player skill sets. We run it as a largely positionless concept.

Why: The two side fast-break provides a spacing template for your players in transition. It emphasizes an early offensive attack via ball movement, player spacing, and the creation of a double gap spacing. The advantage of these concepts is that a defense can be taking advantage of prior to it getting organized.

The two side fast break also easily flows in secondary offensive actions should a primary action to create a shot not work.

The original blog post discussing the modern fast break is discussed here:

How to Run the Modern Basketball Two Side Fast Break

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