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The 3-2 Match-Up Zone Defense is a disruptive half-court zone that forces the opposition out of their regular offensive structure and set plays. It can be a stand-alone defender or used to compliment another defense as a change.

The main reason this 3-2 Match-Up Zone Defense is disruptive is that it allows your players to match-up similar to a man-to-man defense. This masking can confuse an opponent’s offense. It also is easy to switch back and forth between the match-up defense and man-to-man defense.

In this course learn how to blend man-to-man and zone concepts into a more aggressive, difficult-to-recognize defense. You can adjust the defense to defend a dominant post player, take away a perimeter scorer’s space, stop penetration and significantly lower the effectiveness of ball screen actions.

The basics set-up, teaching points, and how to defend the most common offensive movements and actions are presented.

This zone is built on solid fundamental man-to-man principles. This zone defense is not a shortcut. It does not overcome deficiencies in defensive effort, fundamentals, and communication.

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