Want to find out areas where you and your team can improve?

Need new ideas that will actually help your players make better decisions in a game?​

Learn how to structure and improve your practices in
season and off-season with Coach Oliver on your bench!

Coach Chris Oliver has spent over 20 years coaching at the University level and has been developing skill acquisition and evidence based decision training methods. He has coached thousands of games and practices where he has experimented and perfected Basketball Decision Training (BDT™) and has evolved a Games Approach to coaching. These ideas have shaped his training and coaching concepts, which have allowed him to help many coaches and players improve their practices through application of game-like drills and tactics that transfer better into games.

Additionally, Coach Oliver has traveled the world speaking and connecting with hundreds of coaches and attending over 75 basketball practices in the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA Pro Levels to assess the validity of his ideas.

Let Coach Oliver assist you in implementing new ideas and to improve what you do well already.

The goal is to stimulate your coaching practices and what you do by working within your philosophy of how you coach and your players play the game

Chris Oliver will consult with you, either online or in person, and assist you in incorporating the Basketball Immersion™ concepts and ideas with your team. A key benefit and feature of working with Coach Oliver is your private access to our Practice Evaluation™ software. You will  be able to apply to get on-going remote feedback on your practice effectiveness and many further assessment options.

Coach Oliver is your resource for increasing your players’ retention and transfer of the drills and tactics you teach in practice as well as increasing their engagement and enjoyment of training.

Areas we specifically focus on in Basketball Immersion

By working with Coach Oliver, coaches at all levels can gain insight and foresight into maximizing practice sessions and elevating the success of their program.

For many basketball programs a membership to the Basketball Immersion™ video library is enough. BUT if you are looking for a more hands-on approach of Basketball Immersion™ concepts, this next step may be for you.

The next step is to bring Basketball Immersion™ to you and to work directly with Coach Chris Oliver to implement Basketball Decision Training™ and a Games Approach to Coaching.


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