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Right now he is having problems.
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Basketball Immersion Members Get It All
Whatever your current level of coaching, Basketball Immersion wants to help you improve. We want to provide you an opportunity to engage and learn deeply. It is a one-stop website dedicated to all aspects of playing and teaching the game of basketball. Most information is presented in video form so that it is easy to understand and learn. Memberships include:
Get video access to clinics, practices, game footage and classroom sessions
Learn how we teach basketball decision training and zero seconds skills training
Learn from a proven expert while avoiding expensive DVD's, coaching clinics and recurring fees
"Having all of the benefits of the Basketball Immersion really helps."

"Our players loved training with Basketball Decision Training. The player demonstrations and explanations by Coach Oliver made it easy to teach. Learning from game footage and full access clinics and practices helped me understand the concepts and how to apply them quickly in my coaching.”

Peter  - Basketball Immersion Member

"It's like having a mentor for my coaching..."

"I love learning and coaching, but as a new coach I don't have the money, resources or time to improve my coaching. When I joined Basketball Immersion I couldn't believe how many videos and resources were available to me. I even emailed Coach Oliver some questions and he responded. It feels like I have a personal mentor to help stimulate and improve my coaching.”

Bob - Basketball Immersion Member

Basketball Immersion Members also get:

  • Access to a Private Mastermind Group for collaboration.
  • Weekly Masterclass deep dives on coaching development topics.
  • Access to all the updates for a full year with no more fees.
  • On-going video learning updates from practices, clinics and camps.

100% of Coaches Use Basketball Immersion Everyday to Grow Their Coaching
Basketball Immersion is committed to sharing the game. Everything I do is designed to improve your coaching.  I have won over 75% of my games, championships at all levels, and have coached both male and females; so I know what I am doing.
"Learn what and how I teach all of our basketball systems and skills!"
Coaches all over the world have already learned my concepts and teaching methods.

You should do the same.

Check out our blogs, follow us on social media and stimulate your coaching using my concepts of BDT, Zero Seconds, Games Approach to Coaching and Small-Sided Games.
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