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Who is Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the founder of Basketball Immersion, The Basketball Podcast  and  Immersion Videos.

As an expert in basketball decision training, he coaches, trains, and mentors coaches to maximize their players’ potential and enjoyment of practices and games. What he is most passionate about in his work is sharing evidence-based coaching ideas that can stimulate your coaching to get better results. The goal is to improve your players’ retention and transfer of the things you teach to their performance. You can learn more about concepts like messy learning, constraints-based coaching, maximizing active learning time, adding decision-making to drills, and much more in the numerous blogs he shares at Basketball Immersion Blogs.

After coaching for over 23 years, completing his Master’s degree, travelling the world to watch NCAA, NBA and Pro teams from around the world, Chris saw the need for more education on a games approach to coaching basketball and training methods to support this. He created Basketball Decision Training (BDT) to bridge the gap between skill development and game applications of those skills. 

Most recently Chris was head coach at the University of Windsor where he won over 300 games, and compiled a .750 winning percentage. Oliver also coached a Canadian team of professional players to the prestigious Jones Cup international basketball tournament championship, winning gold in 2018. In addition, he has consulted for NBA, NCAA, high school and club basketball organizations around the world.

Chris also shares his games approach to coaching, practical evidence-based drills and decision training concepts openly through in-person and online learning. All of these concepts have been taught globally through online sharing, camps, clinics, private mentoring and consulting with individual coaching and teams’ staffs. 

Chris has travelled to Sweden, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand to spread his ideas. He has also spoken at major coaching clinics around the world, including:

  • Florida Clinic
  • Coaching U
  • The Tasman Clinic
  • Sweden SupClinic
  • The Rising Coaches Clinic
  • Numerous Club and Association Clinics (Ohio, Iowa, Omaha, Massachusetts, Best in the West, and more)

Chris has also spoken on many online platforms and clinics including: 

  • TABC Virtual Clinic
  • Virtual Basketball Coaches Clinic
  • Global Embassy International Basketball Coaches Clinic

Work with Chris

Chris shares creative team and player development ideas for basketball coaches, federations and organizations around the world. His focus is on incorporating modern ideas which stimulate coaches’ thinking and maximize retention for players from practice to the game. Camps, clinics, online consulting and more are available to you.

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