Boston College Fast Break Basketball Offense Concepts

Billy Wuczynski has sparked much discussion and interest from coaches. Coaches have been reaching out to me and him for more information so we thought we would bring it to you.

In case you missed it here is the Basketball Podcast episode with Billy Wuczynski: The Basketball Podcast: E04 with Billy Wuczynski


  1. GO
  2. FLOW
  3. MOVE


  • Try to score in 7 seconds.
  • Early & opposite.
  • Attempt to shift the defense – if those 5 guys are not connected defensively, they will break down.
  • Can do this on makes too.
  • Can be a skip pass, reversal to trailer, etc.


  • Unstructured situations.
  • Do we prepare our players for this?
  • Biggest key.
  • The play after the play.
  • If you run a play and it doesn’t work, it’s what you do after that.
  • 23.6 possessions/game – after misses.
  • If you can generate over 21 ppg in that chaotic, unstructured situation, it makes good teams great and great. teams really unable to be beat.
  • Don’t want to stop and run a play.
  • Based on ball movement.
  • Play off of each other.
  • Put the defense in rotation.
  • Work on “flow” for at least 20 minutes per day.


  • Base offenses.
  • 5 guys making the defense shift.
  • May designate a “move” offense .
  • Players know we are in this until next time out or quarter.
  • Stay in this until we change it.


  • Set plays.
  • For specific mismatches or for guys who are hot.
  • Verbal or signals?
  • No secrets with scouting.
  • Must find a way to execute; if not, you will probably lose.
  • If they take things away, you must be able to score in “flow.”


A big thanks to Billy Wuczynski, Jim Christian and the Boston College coaching staff for putting together this video edit to share. The different phases of their fast break offense are highlighted in this video.

Warm-Up Shooting (00:01)

  • Early Opposite Progression
  • 2 Player Fast Break
  • 3 Player Fast Break

BC Lane Running (03:54)

  • Transition Lanes
  • Early Attacks
  • Lane Running to Decisions

BC Advantage (06:17)

  • Understanding Attack
  • Flow Situations
  • Unstructured Moments

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