Basketball Immersion has developed players at all levels, around the world

Our player development provide an opportunity for players to experience the renowned Immersion approach in a fun and engaging learning atmosphere.

There is no better way to improve your players than hosting
an Immersion development experience for your school, organization or team. We have run camps in countries all over the world, for national federations, local clubs and schools, and everything in between.




Player Development Concepts

  • Connect player development to principles of play that apply to any team
  • Learn through play with small-sided and advantage based games.
  • Unlock the tools you need to excel in basketball long after the camp ends.
  • Experience game-like simulations and drills designed to enhance basketball IQ and skills at every level.
  • Learn to train your mind alongside your physical abilities for peak performance on and off the court.

Team Development Concepts

  • Learn about conceptual offense and defense principles of play
  • Embrace coach led and player led development sessions
  • Connect individual and team development instead of siloing each as a separate things.
  • Understand and apply the 3 F's of Development: Fun, Focus and Freedom
  • Develop competitive mindsets within representative practice sessions
Basketball Immersion Player Development
Basketball Immersion Zero Seconds Player Development
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The Ultimate Development Opportunity

Attending Basketball Immersion Player Development Sessions offers aspiring basketball players a unique opportunity to enhance their skills, sharpen their decision-making abilities, and take their game to new heights. Join us and unlock your full potential on the court.

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Chris and Alex travel the world running Immersion events.

An Immersion Camp can also easily be paired with a Coach Academy or one-off Coaching Clinic event.

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