All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart


“Dave Smart is as bright as anyone I’ve met in our business . His defensive philosophy and techniques have been helpful to us. We always look for opportunities to learn from Dave.”

Jay Wright, Villanova University

Never before access to Dave Smart All Access Practices!

It’s here for you. Learn from one of the greatest minds in basketball who opened his doors and shared the game with us from one of the most successful basketball programs in the world.

Don’t just take our word for how valuable these videos are…

“This has really pulled back the curtains on the most successful college programs ever. Smart doesn’t change his style for the cameras, and watching his all-access practices really shows how he builds a culture of discipline and resilience within his program. These videos are not full of new, fancy drills, but are full of teaching points and helpful ideas for getting your team to be more competitive and detail oriented from start to finish.

Watching the Dave Smart All Access practices with Coach Smart mic’d up is almost 5 hours worth of watching a master teacher-coach work with his players, getting to see how he holds them accountable, how he encourages them, and how he turns the lightbulbs on. It lacks the ‘polish’ of other videos, which is why it is so great. Raw, and uncut, you truly feel as if you’re a fly on the wall at Carleton for 3 days of practices.

The addition of the clinic video outlining his defensive philosophies and terminology is outstanding, demonstrating the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind one of the toughest defensive team systems ever. One of my best basketball video purchases to date.”

-Len Harvey, Head Coach, Acadia University Axewomen

“Coach Smart defensive clinic building a top tier defense is the best defensive video I saw in my 20 years of coaching.  This video is a must for any coach looking to improve their man to man defense.  This video does a great job of breaking things down to make it very simple to incorporate into your program regardless of the age level.  This definitely is a video I will go back and watch many times.

The Dave Smart all access video is also a must for any coach wanting to improve their practices.  You will get a lot of innovative drills that are very relevant to the game.  You will see how coach Smart develops a player lead team and develops a very competitive environment in his practice.  After watching these videos I couldn’t wait to implement coach Smarts drills and his techniques he uses to make practice elite.”

-Kevin Orr, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Rice Lake High School, WI

“Just want to say thanks for making the Dave Smart videos available to us. Here is a little bit about how I used the defensive concepts with my team.

I first asked my players, “how good are we passing with our weak hand to a shooter.” They all tried this, and they agreed that they were not very good. This led me to asking them how should they apply this information on defense. They quickly came to the conclusion that Coach Smart’s force weak hand defense could be beneficial to us on defense.

I then asked them then to line up on the baseline in order of how they rated themselves from best to worst on defense. We then did the same thing with them putting themselves in order based on offense.

Based on that information I split them into six pairs to play one-on-one. We started with the best offensive player vs. the worst defensive player and so on. In the one-on-one, we used Coach Smart’s ingenious scoring system and his on the ball defensive calls that he shared in the video.

In our next game vs. a team that previously beat us 53 -72, we won 64 – 56. Our players looked so much more confident with their on ball pressure defense, their communication and their understanding. These videos were a very practical resource for us to immediately improve our team.”

-Paul Webster, Luton Basketball Club U16 Team II, England

“I absolutely loved the Dave Smart All Access practices and defensive clinic videos. Besides seeing his drills and practice plans, you also see him doing real coaching. You saw him holding the players accountable and challenging players to compete which is very rare to see in coaching videos. Most all access practice videos aren’t as raw and authentic…they seem very produced and edited. Seeing a master like Coach Smart at work was priceless. I would suggest to any coach to instantly buy these Dave Smart videos.”

-Ryan Kerr, Kamloops Hoops

Dave Smart is one of the best coaches in the world and now you can learn from him with never before access!

What makes these all access practice and clinic videos so unique?

  • Dave smart has won 12 national championships, posted a winning percentage of 92%.
  • Dave Smart’s force weak hand defensive system is world renowned and has never been shared in this way.
  • Dave Smart has a winning record in over 50 vs. NCAA D1 teams having beaten Wichita State, Baylor, Wisconsin and many others.
  • Dave Smart is recognized by Jay wright, Mick Cronin, Jay Triano and many other top coaches in the world as one of the best minds in basketball.
  • Learn from one of the greatest minds in basketball who opened his doors and shared the game with us from one of the most successful basketball programs in the world.

Still not sure? Learn more about what makes Dave Smart and his basketball team so effective on offense.

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