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Alex sarama
Alex sarama
Alex shares team and player development ideas for coaches, teams, federations, and organizations all around the world.

As a member of Basketball Immersion, you get access to video and course-based content from Alex Sarama. Alex’s content based upon the Constraint Led Approach (CLA) underpinned by Ecological Dynamics is shared through individual videos and course based learning. Alex specializes in helping coaches make sense of the research, putting this into basketball-specific examples so that coaches can immediately integrate these ideas into their practices.

Alex learned many of his ideas and concept as a member of Basketball Immersion.

Like many members of Basketball Immersion., Alex was mentored in his approach and curiosity for learning by Basketball Immersion founder Chris Oliver. As a member of Basketball Immersion, Alex learned many of the ideas and concepts that have helped him elevate his coaching.

Alex’s sharing within the Basketball Immersion community has helped coaches around the world improve their coaching and their application of Basketball Immersion concepts.

In June 2020 Alex’s new chapter started with Basketball immersion, teaming up with Chris Oliver to realize the vision of sharing the game and helping coaches and players benefit from evidence-informed ideas. Content from Alex continues to be shared on the Basketball Immersion platform as he provided, and continues to provide, coaches with his content created specifically for Basketball Immersion during his years working for the platform.

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