Basketball Immersion is a world leader in coach education with members from all over the world and from all levels of basketball. What to teach usually trumps how to teach on a coach's learning path. It is Basketball Immersion’s goal to help coaches improve how they teach.

Membership Fast Facts

  • 80+ Countries Represented
  • NBA, Pro, College, High School and Youth Coaches are Members
  • Thousands of Coaches in our Community
  • Top Clinics in the World have Hosted Chris and Alex
  • Changing the Way the Game is Being Coached

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the founder of Basketball Immersion, The Basketball Podcast and Immersion Videos. As an expert in basketball decision training, he coaches, trains, and mentors coaches to maximize their players’ potential and enjoyment of practices and games. What he is most passionate about…

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Alex Sarama

Alex shares creative team and player development ideas for basketball coaches, federations, and organizations around the world. Alex helps coaches apply…

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You have access to 600+ Videos updated weekly, Interactive Mastermind Group, Membership Q and A, and a Network of like-minded Coaches.

Learn How to Coach Using

  • Games Approach to Coaching
  • Basketball Decision Training
  • Constraints-Based Teaching
  • Small-Sided Games

Your membership will provide you one stop shopping to modern ideas and methods that will give you tangible takeaways for your coaching.

Pros of a Basketball Immersion Membership:

  • Modern Ideas and Methods
  • Tangible Takeaways for your Team
  • Like-Minded Community
  • One Stop Shopping for all Topics
  • Does the Research for You