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From the world leader in basketball coach education…

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Basketball Immersion

Hey Coach!

I am Chris Oliver, the founder and creative mind behind Basketball Immersion. Basketball Immersion exists to help coaches of all levels from High School to the NBA incorporate evidence-informed ideas into their practices.

Basketball Immersion

Basketball Immersion consists of:
  • a world-leading online coach education resource with over 25 online courses, 80+ MasterClasses from guest coaches, as well one new video every week to support coaches and their development
  • providing consulting services for NBA, NCAA and professional teams
  • delivering coaching clinics and camps all over the world
  • leading on coach education events and coach licensing online systems for National Federations
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The Immersion Membership Community

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Included in your membership are courses for dynamic and engaging e-learning experiences. This allows you to track your progress, achieve certificates, and unlock learning through a gamified learning experience. There are over 650+ videos on the site divided into courses, making it easy to take in everything Immersion has to offer.


Get access to expert coaches and peer coaches from 80+ countries around the world to help you with the questions you need answering. Members can connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups using our interactive membership platform.


With our new YouTube style interface, video learning is clean and easy-to-use. The videos work flawlessly across all modern browsers and devices. The video page allows a user to speed up playback, pause, rewind and fast forward seamlessly.

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Basketball Immersion blogs

Sharing Basketball Immersion concepts based on evidence-based coaching ideas

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The Basketball Podcast with Chris Oliver
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Free content on the Immersion Channel.
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Watch all-access practices from world-leading coaches. 15% off all titles for B.I members.

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Basketball Immersion Academies

Live coach development events delivered by Immersion all-over the world. 75% off for B.I members.

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For conceptual offense, $100 off for B.I members.

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We focus on how to coach

Within our membership community, we focus on improving the effectiveness of your practices. This includes how to use small-sided games to maximise time-on-task, player enjoyment and increase the transfer of skills from practice to the game

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comprehensive learning

Cater to your individual needs, whether you are a youth or pro coach. Choose your learning path and navigate at your own pace

Your coaching

Age-appropriate video learning and courses designed to help improve the development of players on and off the court

Advanced modern

Stay up to date with the latest teaching and coaching trends from around the world as Basketball Immersion and guest coaches share the game

Evidence based
coaching ideas

Learn how to coach using a games-based approach paired with the effective use of constraints

decision training

BDT provides opportunities to help players maximize on the benefits of incorporating variable practice into their development, as opposed to relying on blocked, repetitive drills


Access content in logical, organized and gamified courses which feature interactive content and quizzes to help you apply these ideas in practices and games

Discussion forums
and social networking

A social platform and discussion forums offer a combination of education and collaboration to connect as like-minded members

Masterclasses with
access to experts

Ever wanted to meet some of the best coaches in the world? Now you can through the Immersion MasterClasses. Every week, learn from some of the top NBA & NCAA coaches in the world

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Basketball Immersion has helped members from all over the world, from different backgrounds and all levels of coaching, transform the success they have had with their coaching

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What do our members have to say?

Kenny E. Williams
Retired Coach

C F Brewer HS, Fort Worth, Texas

Basketball Immersion keeps getting better each year. It’s just chock full of ideas, info, and philosophy to really develop year round. It offers a great foundation of learning and teaching concepts where coaching foundations and philosophies can be...

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Ty Keck
Head Coach Girls Skyline High School
Randy Brown
head & assistant coach

Former 20-year NCAA Division

Basketball Immersion is one of basketball’s most respected and informative sites in basketball today. If you don’t know of it, you NEED to. It is a necessity for all basketball coaches. The cutting edge information goes deeper into the how to’s of the game...

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Steven Shpreyregin
Assistant Coach Seattle University
Greg Youncofski
Assistant Coach

Loyola Marymount University

Basketball Immersion is a must-have for basketball coaches at all levels. Every time I visit the website it stimulates my thinking and challenges me to look at different ways to develop my team and myself as a coach.

Sam Funnell
Franklin Basketball, New Zealand
Evan Grantham
Head Boys Varsity Basketball,

Sweetwater High School, Texas

BDT and eliminating the fluff has been the reason we have been able to turn around a program with a lot of disadvantages. A Basketball Immersion membership has been our secret weapon. I can’t say enough good things about the work you do.

Luke Widger
Jamestown Boys Basketball Head Coach
Ryan Sleeper
head coach

Trousdale County High School, Tennessee

I decided to take it a step further and become a member of the Basketball Immersion family. It is, hands down, the best decision I have made in my young coaching career. My teaching and practice plans were archaic. The additional resources of what...

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Kamil Chmielewski
Basketball Skills Coach, Chicago
Jason Reynolds
head coach

Kingston Impact Basketball Club, Canada

If you follow the best of Basketball Immersion, players really do learn how to play! Decision making is by far their best quality as basketball players. In going through the 2001-2003 born age group, 14 players had post secondary opportunities, including...

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Jurriaan Meischke
St. Mary`s International School, Japan


All levels of coaches can benefit from the video learning, resources and community of coaches available on Basketball Immersion. We have NBA, professional, college, high school and youth coaches in our online community. Since we focus a large amount of the learning on how to teach, the concepts and ideas largely connect and transfer for all levels of coaches. All resources are available to all coaches, but there is also a dedicated Youth Coaching Page with drills and concepts specific to coaching youth players. You are a click away from having many of these coaches available to assist you in implementing our drills and concepts with your included access to the collaborative forums as well..

The goal is to provide the best value of any basketball site. The website is organized by different topics so you always have the opportunity to access as much information as you want or target whatever is right for you. To start with, be sure to watch the onboarding video to learn where, and how, you can access the learning resources. The after login menu is very clear and will guide you to videos, courses, forums and masterclasses. Also, create a social platform, join the forums that interest you, and complete the courses outlined.

To develop as a coach you need to make a commitment. This is why we only offer 6 Month or 1 Year Memberships. To stimulate your coaching you need to be investing. For just over $20 a month you can access all the videos, masterclasses, forums, social platforms and courses.

Basketball Immersion is optimized for mobile first. This website is designed to be used on your phone, as much as your laptop or desktop. A special partnership between Basketball Immersion and XPS Network gives you access to a complete mobile software solution for planning team sessions, individual workouts, games and meetings using the videos from Basketball Immersion. Learn more about adding the XPS Network here.