Zero Seconds

Stack Closeouts 1-on-1

Stack Closeout One-on-One

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Stack Closeout One-on-One can be used to develop the zero seconds concept and skills required to attack quickly and decisively on the catch. Explain in

Coaches Rountable

Lessons Shared at the Coaches Roundtable

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The Coaches Roundtable is an initiative started by John Carrier who is the head boys basketball coach at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. I

Figure 8 No Dribble into Shot

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Figure 8 No Dribble into Shot works on the Zero Seconds concepts of fighting for your feet while at the same time challenging your ball

Italian 3-on-3

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Italian 3-on-3 is a small-sided game that creates advantage/disadvantage situations naturally out of chaos. Both offensive and defensive situations can be coached using a games

Wing Entry into BDT

May 01, 20151 Comment

To simulate a game situation you can use a wing entry to start the two player BDT action. We incorporate different dribble and passing combinations

Passing Circle

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The Passing Circle is used to develop Zero Seconds passing and catching skills. It applies the skills in a more dynamic way then stationary passing.

How to Use Our Concepts to Teach Your 3rd G...

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I signed up for your website and I really like your concepts. They do make sense to me, but I wonder how your concepts apply to

Start Here: What is Zero Seconds and Basket...

Apr 04, 20151 Comment

  The two main concepts of Basketball Immersion are Zero Seconds Skills Training and Basketball Decision Training. It is important that I define both terms

Triangle 3-on-3: Valiants Practice Part 8

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

Triangle 3-on-3 is a Games Approach to Teaching Zero Seconds and Basketball Decision Training drill. The offensive players attack live closeouts and read the defense to

What is Zero Seconds and Basketball Decisio...

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Zero Seconds is skills training. It involves no pre-determined movements, no pauses and no fakes. Basketball Decision Training is mind training and involves random practice