Switching the Up Down

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In our base defense, the 10 defense and in transition we spend a lot of time working on recovery. Specifically a lot of time getting

10 Defense: Switching all Screens on Defens...

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Switching all screens on defense can simplify defensive teaching so that your coaching time can be spent on developing offensive concepts which traditionally are more difficult

Switching the Ballscreen Defensive Coverage

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Coach Oliver discusses how and why to switch ballscreens on defense. Edits from the Brantford One-Person-Clinic featuring information on philosophy, practice planning, games approach to

10 Defense (Switching All Screens)

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The 10 Defense is a switching player-to-player defense. All screens are switched regardless of match-ups. Using game footage from the Windsor Basketball team Coach Oliver explains

Switching the High Ballscreen: Riverside Pr...

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Learning how to switch the high ballscreen properly is a key to playing the 10 defense and to switching the ballscreen. This drill attempts to

2-on-2 Ballscreen Switch: Riverside Practic...

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The skills and decisions when switching a ballscreen are developed in a 2-on-2 situation. Challenge is increase due to the competitive simulation in this Games

2-on-0 Ballscreen: Riverside Practice Part ...

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2-on-0 Ballscreen works on transition ballscreen offensive situations. It was a warm-up to start to develop the offensive ballscreen concepts that would later be challenged