Post Play

2-on-1 out of 21 Position

21 Position 2-on-1

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This drill develops interior scoring, passing and decision-making. It builds on many of the concepts relating to scoring and passing out of 21 Position.

Offensive Box Out

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The offensive box out drill can be used to work on the fundamentals of sealing in the post. The footwork, body positioning and effort is

Scottie Action: The Triangle Offense

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Scottie is an action out of the Triangle Offense that leads to a guard post up opportunity. The action is explained with available options.

Post and Ballside Triangles: HS Boys Triang...

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Forming ball side and low post triangles is key to spacing and attacking out of the Triangle Offense.

5 OUT Ballscreen Return Pass

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The top-top pass is an effective way of taking advantage of a defense’s ballscreen coverage. In this example we use a return pass to look for

Post Play: What to Teach and Why We Teach I...

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  The game slows down when we get the ball into the low post. It is one of two times that we emphasize jabs and

Elbow Screening Continuity Offense

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The Elbow Screening Continuity Offense is an offensive structure for creating match-ups off of cuts and screens. The structure can be used as a base

1-4 Post Dive Set Play

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The 1-4 Post Dive Set Play is a play designed to get the ball inside to a post match-up.

BDT Post and Penetration Reaction Drill

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Basketball Decision Training can begin out of a common offensive sequence rather than a feet moving start which is common in initial learning. Edits from

Back Pivot into a Fake Double Drop

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The Back Pivot is a move used by an offensive player who gets close to the basket. They stop and front pivot off their back