5 Out Ball Screen

5-Out Ball Screen Continuity

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This 5-Out Continuity creates great spacing for multiple scoring possibilities.  Video outline: 00:13 Advantages 00:24 How to Run It 00:32 Entry Options 00:46 Options on


C-Cut Secondary Offense

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The C-Cut Secondary Offense is designed to create a method for one ball reversal prior to the primary action. If the defensive coverage allows for

Loop Offense

Loop Basketball Offensive Series

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The Loop Offense is a simple to implement, and effective because it provides a structure for players to make decisions. It can be run as

Second Cut

The Basketball Second Cut Concept Explained

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One of the principles of basketball I picked up from Chuck Daly years ago at a clinic still holds true today. The principle of offense

4-on-3 Shooting with Constraints

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After the original post 2-on-3/4-on-3 Shooting I wanted to provide you with an understanding of how we teach with constraints to emphasize an aspect of learning. In

Scottie Action: The Triangle Offense

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Scottie is an action out of the Triangle Offense that leads to a guard post up opportunity. The action is explained with available options.

Backdoor Spot Action: The Triangle Offense

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One of the key attack spots in our version of the Triangle Offense is the Backdoor Spot. Getting the ball to the Backdoor Spot can

5-on-5 Triangle Offense Learning: HS Boys T...

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Examples of teaching and learning out of 5-on-5 using the Triangle Offense.

Trail Entry: HS Boys Triangle Clinic Part ...

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There are multiple options off of a trail entry in the Triangle Offense. Here is an example of one option.

Four Player Actions 2: HS Boys Triangle Cli...

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The flow of the Triangle Offense comes from players working together to read and react to the movement of the basketball relative to the defensive