How to Handle Missed Lay-Ups as a Coach

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

QUESTION via David Fields: I coach 6th grade boys basketball. We lost 2 games by 3 points and we missed 4 or 5 lay-ups in each

Pacer Backscreen Lay-Up Set

Sep 14, 2015No Comments

The Pacer Back Screen set is designed to get a lay-up or create an two-player game off of movement.    

Clear Out Backscreen Lay-Up Set

Sep 14, 2015No Comments

The Clear Out Back Screen is a set play to try and get a lay-up. Save it for when you need it.

Wide Lay­-Up Finishing Move

Mar 15, 2015No Comments

It is rare to get a traditional 45 degree to the basket lay-up. Practice lay-ups from every imaginable angle. Under the basket, along the baseline,

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