Finishing Moves

2-on-1 out of 21 Position

21 Position 2-on-1

Jul 02, 2017No Comments

This drill develops interior scoring, passing and decision-making. It builds on many of the concepts relating to scoring and passing out of 21 Position.

One-on-One Left-Right

Jul 29, 20152 Comments

One-on-One Left-Right is a method of working on the Rip Series. A player is the most open they are going to get when they first

Quick Ups

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

Quick Ups is a method of working on finishing around the rim. It challenges the shooter to get the ball to the rim as fast

Lay-Up Progression

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

The Lay-Up Progression is a method of training footwork and finishing around the basket.

Long Lay-Up Progression

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

The Long Lay-Up Progression develops the ability to finish around the rim from various take-off points and distances. Shots inside and outside the body are

Bounce Change Two Pylons into Back Pivot (W...

Mar 16, 2015No Comments

The Pylon Drills work on improving ballhandling speed, execution and confidence. The sound gives you an idea of the rhythm of the drill. Bounce change

Two­ Foot Push Shot

Mar 15, 2015No Comments

The Two Foot Push Shot is a finishing move used around the basket when an offensive player gets close to the rim but needs to finish