5-on-3 Open

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5-on-3 Open is an example of how we run repetitions of our offensive sets vs. live or guided defenders to create decision-making possibilities. Instead of

Playing in Spain

6 Ideas to Improve Your Coaching from Playi...

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Playing professional basketball in Spain has opened my eyes to new ways of playing and coaching basketball. In this post, I’m going to share six

3-on-2 Ball Screen

3-on-2 Ball Screen

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This 3-on-2 Ball Screen develops the ability of the player using the ball screen to apply skills and make decisions. Constraints can be added to

5 Out Ball Screen

5-Out Ball Screen Continuity

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This 5-Out Continuity creates great spacing for multiple scoring possibilities.  Video outline: 00:13 Advantages 00:24 How to Run It 00:32 Entry Options 00:46 Options on

Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills

Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills for Team Shoo...

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NBA skills coach Drew Hanlen presented teaching points and basketball drills that you can apply to your coaching at a Basketball Manitoba coaching clinic. This

FC Porto Spread Offense

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The FC Porto Loop Spread Offense creates spacing for a spread ballscreen. A spread ballscreen is a ballscreen that takes places in the middle of the

5 OUT Ballscreen Return Pass

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The top-top pass is an effective way of taking advantage of a defense’s ballscreen coverage. In this example we use a return pass to look for

BDT out of Ballscreen

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This drill demonstrates how to get into BDT off of a Ballscreen in a team setting. A wing ballscreen and high ballscreen are run in this example

Flood Wing Ballscreen Action

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The Flood Wing Ballscreen Action uses the ballscreen to set up the weakside post dive. The ball is reversed and the dive is timed to

3-on-3 Closeouts with a Ballscreen

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3-on-3 Closeouts is a competitive drill that develops offensive and defensive decision making. A ball screen is added to work offensive and defensive reaction and