Penetration Reaction

5-on-5 Penetration Reaction Spots

Dec 06, 2017No Comments

A games approach to coaching involves breaking down your offensive actions in the context of the game. Here we take our primary transition offense and

5-on-5 Triangle Offense Learning: HS Boys T...

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Examples of teaching and learning out of 5-on-5 using the Triangle Offense. https://s3.amazonaws.com/basketballimmersion/Triangle+Offense/5-on-5+Learning.mp4

Army BOB Series

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The Army Baseline Out of Bounds series creates great spacing and a number of scoring opportunities depending on the defensive coverage and the offensive reads.

FC Porto Secondary Offense

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The FC Porto Secondary Offense is a pattern that provides a freedom of reads and actions to players. The secondary break can be initiated by

Quick Handoff Flare

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The Quick Handoff Flare is a three player action that can be used in special situations when your team needs a live ball scoring opportunity. It

Stagger Hand-Off Cross

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The Stagger Hand-off Cross play creates an action before the action that opens up a deceptive cross screen. An inverted wing down screen entry starts the

Transition Defense

Defensive Transition: Everything You Ever W...

May 29, 20152 Comments

I originally started writing this blog as a summary of a FIBA Coaching Library video on Defensive Transition by Andrej Lemanis. Coach Lemanis is the

5-on-5 Three Trips

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A trip represents a movement from one end of the floor to the other. Communicating and competing in trips allows for a Games Approach to

5-on-5 Chase Drill – Transition Offen...

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The Chase Drill works on conversion, on both offense and defense, into and vs. pressure. Two to four trips can be used to simulate play

5-on-5 Closeout Rebounding into Two Trips

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Closeout Rebounding begins the competitive trips out of a closeout and rebound situation. The offense scores they get a point and the defense converts to