Down Screen Defense

4-on-4 Down Screen Defensive Coverage

Apr 19, 20171 Comment

Two ways to defend the down screen are explained. These concepts are similar to how we defend all screens. The initial 4-on-4 shell drill is

4-on-4 Tag

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Tag is used to create a penetration reaction situation in any drill you want. In this example, after a ball reversal the defender on the ball

4-on-4 Rotations Explained

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Defensive techniques and tactics are explained using a 4-on-4 rotations drill from a training camp practice with the University of Windsor team. Defensive Concepts Covered:

Closeout Weave 4-on-4

Mar 31, 2016No Comments

The Closeout Weave 4-on-4 creates a starting point to start a possession in a more realistic way than just handing the offense the ball. Starting

Trail Trap: 4-on-4

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

The most effective way to develop the Trail Trap is out of 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 competitive situations as it most realistically simulates game conditions. In

4-on-4 Blind and Defensive Rotations Concep...

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

4-on-4 Blind forces the defense to cover a baseline or middle drive. The offensive player has the initial advantage of first step. After the initial

4-on-4 Pop Out and Replacement Cut: Valiant...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments

Coach Oliver ran a practice for the 14-15 year old girls Valiants Basketball Club. The practice focused on developing penetration and cutting decision making. The