3-on-3 Closeouts

3-on-3 Closeouts from Half

3-on-3 Closeouts from Half-Court

Mar 15, 2017No Comments

Any drill you traditionally use close to the basket can easily be extended to make it a half-court or full-court drill. In this example we

Closeouts First Catch

3-on-3 Closeouts First Catch

Feb 13, 20171 Comment

This small-sided game creates a 1-on-1 live attack the closeout situation. This drill can help your players develop their 1-on-1 offensive and defensive skills out of

3-on-3 Closeouts Mix Drill

Oct 24, 2016No Comments

To make our small-sided games more random we mix what actions the offense must execute, and what coverages the defense must use to counter what

3-on-3 Closeouts Weakside Post

3-on-3 Closeouts with a Weak Side Post

Oct 24, 2016No Comments

We add a fourth player to 3-on-3 closeouts to simulate certain offensive situations and defensive coverage. In this example a fourth player steps into the

3-on-3 Closeouts with a Ballscreen

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

3-on-3 Closeouts is a competitive drill that develops offensive and defensive decision making. A ball screen is added to work offensive and defensive reaction and

3-on-3 Closeouts

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

3-on-3 Closeouts develops offensive and defensive reactions and coverages. The offense must shoot or attack a closeout and make a basketball decision based on the