Practice Tour

Have you ever wanted to visit collegiate practices?
Have you ever wanted to spend a weekend immersed in basketball development?

Spend a weekend with Basketball Immersion as we tour a number of collegiate practices.  

All practice visits will be followed by debrief sessions and discussions designed to augment learning. In addition, coaches will get an opportunity to network, ask questions of various staff associated with each team we visit, and to spend time together as a group immersed in basketball learning. 

Small group learning through observation and discussion has proven to augment learning. We will challenge you to critically analyze what you watch with the goal of stimulating your thinking, and to add practical actionable ideas to your coaching. 

The debrief sessions and discussions will be led by Chris Oliver, the creative mind behind Basketball Immersion.

The best learning outcomes come from personally engaging environments. They are characterized by safe spaces where open discussion and debate can be had with the express purpose of improving one’s craft. 

This tour is for any coach, who coaches at any level, male or female, who are serious about improving their craft through hands on learning.

This tour features exclusive, closed-door meetings, where tour members are able to speak directly with guest speakers from different positions within the teams we visit. Also, dependant on availability on-court sessions to discuss concepts in a practical hands on way.