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Shooting Practice

Advice from an NBA Shooting Coach: Random vs. Bloc...

Aug 07, 2017
Chris Oliver

There is a great idea out there that coaches need to implement in their shooting practice, but they need to be careful how they are using the idea.  The great idea is using random instead of block shooting practice.  Let

On Air

Improve Your On Air Basketball Drills

Jul 19, 2017
Chris Oliver

The one simple idea to improve your on air basketball drills is to add defense. This may seem obvious, but too many drills are run on air. On air means there is no opposed defense and therefore no game-like decisions.

How to Inbound vs. Pressure

Basketball Press Break: How to Inbound vs. Full-Co...

Jun 27, 2017
Chris Oliver

I appreciate that there are many ways to do the right thing in coaching basketball. However, when it comes to press break, and more specifically how to inbound the ball vs. full-court man-to-man pressure defense, I do feel there is

Advantage Disadvantage

How to Teach Players to Read Advantage and Disadva...

Jun 12, 2017
Chris Oliver

We use one-on-one drills to teach our players how to read advantage and disadvantage. We define advantage as any time an offensive player has a shoulder to chest relationship to a defender. The disadvantage is when an offensive player has

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