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Circle Side Dribble Shooting

Oct 09, 2016No Comments

The Side Dribble Series is a progressively challenging dribbling, footwork, rhythm and ball-handling workout. It is most commonly used as a pre-practice workout or warm-up.

4-on-3 Shooting with Constraints

Oct 09, 20163 Comments

After the original post 2-on-3/4-on-3 Shooting I wanted to provide you with an understanding of how we teach with constraints to emphasize an aspect of learning. In

Pass and Cut Defensive Drill

Sep 22, 20161 Comment

The pass and cut defensive drill develops our players ability to defend a cut to the basket. Players “sprint the the ball” to stay between

Diamond Drill

Diamond Defensive Drill

Sep 22, 20161 Comment

We use the diamond drill to work on defending a common flex screen into a down screen action. https://s3.amazonaws.com/basketballimmersion/Fall+2016+Updates/Diamond+Drill+Explained.mp4   The diamond action is initially

Backdoor Spot Action: The Triangle Offense

Jul 31, 2016No Comments

One of the key attack spots in our version of the Triangle Offense is the Backdoor Spot. Getting the ball to the Backdoor Spot can

4-on-4 Tag

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Tag is used to create a penetration reaction situation in any drill you want. In this example, after a ball reversal the defender on the ball

4-on-4 Rotations Explained

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Defensive techniques and tactics are explained using a 4-on-4 rotations drill from a training camp practice with the University of Windsor team. Defensive Concepts Covered:

3-on-2/4-on-3 Shooting

Jun 20, 2016No Comments

3-on-2 and 4-on-3 Shooting is an advantage-disadvantage drill that works on many aspects of offense and defense. It was originally introduced to me by Guy Molloy

Circle Trap

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

Circle Trap is an offensive and defensive mix drill. It challenges players to be ball tough on offense and defensive tough. https://s3.amazonaws.com/basketballimmersion/Spring+2016+Updates/Circle+Trap.mp4