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Offensive Rebounding Intensity Drill

Feb 01, 2017No Comments

The Offensive Rebounding Intensity Drill is used to teach players how to use the “21 Position Rip” technique after an offensive rebound. The drill progresses

Offensive Box Out

Feb 01, 2017No Comments

The offensive box out drill can be used to work on the fundamentals of sealing in the post. The footwork, body positioning and effort is

21 Position Practice Drills

Jan 11, 2017No Comments

21 Position is a key teaching concept for scoring close to the basket off of perimeter dribble and cutting penetration reactions. In these drills players practice

BOB 3-on-3 Break Down

3-on-3 Baseline Inbound Break Down

Dec 22, 2016No Comments

We use 3-on-3 to break down our inbound offensive plays. We frequently use 3-on-3 small-sided games to build our offensive and defensive concepts. You can

Mix Drills Full-Court

Full-Court Mix Drills

Dec 06, 2016No Comments

When we do use on-air drills we use them in random and variable ways. Here is an example of we mix a series of full-court on-air


Pre-Game Warm-Up

Dec 06, 2016No Comments

Outlined is what our team does for pre-game warm-up. We want to maximize the number of shots attempts, create some game-like movements and decisions, and

High Low Post Defense

High Low Post Defense

Nov 12, 2016No Comments

Our goal in defending the low post is to deny any entry pass into the low post. If the ball does go to the low


Attack Press Entry

Nov 12, 2016No Comments

Attack is a press entry used against full-court man-to-man pressure. Using our press entry we call attack we can demonstrate how we teach using 3-on-3 small-sided

3-on-3 Closeouts Mix Drill

Oct 24, 2016No Comments

To make our small-sided games more random we mix what actions the offense must execute, and what coverages the defense must use to counter what

3-on-3 Closeouts Weakside Post

3-on-3 Closeouts with a Weak Side Post

Oct 24, 2016No Comments

We add a fourth player to 3-on-3 closeouts to simulate certain offensive situations and defensive coverage. In this example a fourth player steps into the