Offensive Development


4-on-2 Full-Court Transition Drill

The 4-on-2 Full-Court Transition Drill is used to develop transition offensive concepts.  We specifically use it to build our two side fast break concepts but it can be adapted to any transition you run. This is a drill we use almost daily. Since we always want decision-making to be present in our drills, the two defenders give the offense the


5-on-5 Two Trips with a Self-Toss Offensive Rebound

Start your 5-on-5 full-court trips with different starts to emphasize different concepts within your offense and defense. In this example we work on our offensive rebounding system (and consequently defensive reaction to an offensive rebound) by starting the two trips live out of a self-toss offensive rebound.   This self-toss offensive rebounding concept can be built from a live

11 Quick Hitter

11 Quick Hitter for Point Guard

Jan 01, 2018
Chris Oliver

This quick hitter for a point guard can be run vs. man or zone defense. Different reads and outcomes are demonstrated in this video compilation of the play being used in games.   Check out other set plays that work here. Run this play to loop a player back to the top for a ball screen: Loop Quick This play

Games Approach BOB

Teach Baseline Inbound Using a Games Approach

This is a demonstration of how we teach an inbound play 5-on-5. We discuss offensive and defensive concepts as we introduce the play for the first time to our players using a 5-on-5 games approach to coaching.   We also use 3-on-3 to break down our inbound offensive plays. This is an example of using 3-on-3 small-sided games to

Two Side Shooting

2-on-1 Off the Two Side

The Two Side Fast Break spaces the floor by positioning two players on one side of the floor on the 45 and corner spacing spots. You can learn more about the Two Side Fast Break from this blog How to Run the Modern Basketball Two Side Fast Break Also check out these game footage edits from our 2016-17 season Two Side Fast

Top-Top Pass vs. Ballscreen Shock

Mar 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

The top-top pass vs. a ballscreen shock is an effective way of taking advantage of the defense’s ballscreen coverage. A complimentary action to attack the inside is to use a top-top return pass. Check out that action  

SOB Loop Quick

Mar 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

The Loop Quick SOB action can be run effectively vs. player to player and zone defense.

BOB Gretzky vs. Zone

Mar 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Gretzky is a BOB play out of a 1-4 High Set. It has a primary action designed to get an open scoring opportunity of off the first pass. A secondary scoring opportunity follows once the ball has been inbound safely.

Fudge High Ballscreen vs. Zone

Mar 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Fudge is a high ball screen play used to attack a zone defense.

Box Pressbreak vs. Half-Court Pressure

Mar 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

The Box Press Break is used to attack half-court zone presses.