Offensive Development

Offensive Rebound

Self Toss Offensive Rebound to Competitive

The Self-Toss 1-on-1 Offensive Rebounding can be quickly progressed into a small-sided game. The goal is to work on your offensive rebounding system. Our offensive rebounding system is explained here: Windsor Offensive Rebounding System The basic concept is to score at the rim or kick out for an open three-point shot. This offensive rebounding system blends effectively with the Second Cut Concept.

2nd Cut

Building the Second Cut Concept

This video provides an example of how to add the second cut concept to a 3-on-1 Reaction Drill. This builds on the 3-on-1 Reaction Drill outlined in this blog on Improve your On Air Basketball Drills. A second cut happens when a dribbler penetrates and an off the ball player basket cuts. The basket cut can happen during the live dribble or

2-on-1 Advantage Shooting

2-on-1 Shooting

 Most effective offense vs. effective defense comes down to a 2-on-1 advantage in the half-court. To develop our players concept of attacking and defending a 2-on-1 in the half-court we use 2-on-1 Shooting. Similar to 3-on-2 and 4-on-3 Shooting you can use constraints to shape the learning required for your players to improve. I believe this the best shooting drill

2-on-1 out of 21 Position

21 Position 2-on-1

This drill develops interior scoring, passing and decision-making. It builds on many of the concepts relating to scoring and passing out of 21 Position.   Check out other drills involving the 21 Position: 21 Position Game Footage 21 Position Practice Drills

Penetration Reaction

2-on-0 Penetration Reaction

Two players work together using a “push” or “pull” concept, and applying our zero seconds skill concepts. Two players work together around the three-point line to penetrate and space. This drill works on penetration reaction spacing, first step attacks, passing and catching, and team concepts. To introduce penetration concepts combine with Full-Court Penetration Reaction. If a player is a dribbled at

Full Court Penetration

Full-Court Penetration Reaction

This full-court penetration drill works on penetration reaction spacing, first step attacks, passing and catching, and team concepts. To introduce penetration concepts combine with 2-on-0 Penetration Reaction. It is an early progression for new players to the concept of push-pull penetration reaction. Two players work together using a “push” or “pull” concept. If a player is a dribbled at they are

Back Drop 1-on-1

Back Drop 1-on-1

Back Drop 1-on-1 is used to develop the stab dribble concept. On a stab dribble I emphasize “getting the ball to the floor” as fast as possible on a first step. Once the ball is on the floor a player must figure out their best opportunity to score based on the defender’s coverage on the closeout. This drill applies all

Back Drop

Back Drop Blind 1-on-1 to 3-on-3

As I demonstrated in Back Drop Blind 1-on-1 we use this drill to work on our players ability to attack and counter off of a stab dribble start. The goal of any 1-on-1 is to score. This is the same goal for the player starting with the ball on offense as they are playing 1-on-1 until they get a shot,

5 Out Ball Screen

5-Out Ball Screen Continuity

May 01, 2017
Chris Oliver

This 5-Out Continuity creates great spacing for multiple scoring possibilities.  Video outline: 00:13 Advantages 00:24 How to Run It 00:32 Entry Options 00:46 Options on Reversal 00:50 Options in Ball Screen 1:01 Ball Movement 1:38 Snap Back 1:59 Reject 2:31 Pass to Roller 2:55 Factors in Determining Who the Screener Is 3:20 Penetration Reaction 3:51 Post Reaction 4:21 Flow in

3-on-3 Closeouts from Half

3-on-3 Closeouts from Half-Court

Any drill you traditionally use close to the basket can easily be extended to make it a half-court or full-court drill. In this example we extend 3-on-3 Closeouts to start it at half-court. We do so to work on a specific wing attack, and wing ball screen, situation. Any situation you want developed can be incorporated into this half-court version.