Defensive Development

Diamond Drill

Diamond Defensive Drill

Sep 22, 20161 Comment

We use the diamond drill to work on defending a common flex screen into a down screen action.   The diamond action is initially

4-on-4 Tag

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Tag is used to create a penetration reaction situation in any drill you want. In this example, after a ball reversal the defender on the ball

4-on-4 Rotations Explained

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Defensive techniques and tactics are explained using a 4-on-4 rotations drill from a training camp practice with the University of Windsor team. Defensive Concepts Covered:

Reach and Gap Defensive Footwork

Jun 07, 20161 Comment

One-on-one on the ball defensive footwork is explained. The reach and gap/drop, reach and gap footwork is used to defend an offensive player attacking off

3-on-3 Transition Reactions

Mar 31, 2016No Comments

The 3-on-3 Transition Reactions has a defensive emphasis that develops the ability of a defensive unit to covert back to defense and to defend penetration situations on

Closeout Weave 4-on-4

Mar 31, 2016No Comments

The Closeout Weave 4-on-4 creates a starting point to start a possession in a more realistic way than just handing the offense the ball. Starting

The Value of Denying on Defense

Mar 09, 2016No Comments

The following video will demonstrate the value of denying on defense in various situations. A team that is denying well can prevent an offense from being

Switching the Up Down

Nov 12, 2015No Comments

In our base defense, the 10 defense and in transition we spend a lot of time working on recovery. Specifically a lot of time getting

32 Defense: Game Footage

Nov 05, 2015No Comments

Using game footage from his team Coach Oliver explains some of the concepts of the 32 Match-Up Zone Defense. Game Footage Edit #1  

32 Defense: Wing Ballscreen Coverage

Oct 29, 2015No Comments

Coach Oliver teaches the 32 Zone Defense to his university team. You can follow the teaching points and teaching methods to teach the 32 zone