Clinic Edits

Zone Concepts and BOB Plays

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Edits from the Brantford One-Person-Clinic featuring information on philosophy, practice planning, games approach to coaching basketball and basketball coaching tactics and techniques. Ideas about attacking

Florida Coaches Clinic

Florida Clinic BDT Presentation

Sep 11, 2017No Comments

Here is video of the presentation on Basketball Decision Training I presented at the Florida Coaches Clinic. Below are my notes. These are the notes

Triangle Offense Blueprint

The Triangle Offense as a Blueprint for Tea...

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In this clinic for the Basketball British Columbia Super Conference, the Triangle Offense is used to demonstrate the important factors that must be accounted for


C-Cut Secondary Offense

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The C-Cut Secondary Offense is designed to create a method for one ball reversal prior to the primary action. If the defensive coverage allows for

Youth Coaching Summit Presentation

May 10, 2016No Comments

A full detailed clinic presentation on coaching youth basketball is presented including Coach Oliver’s notes from the Basketball British Columbia Youth Coaching Summit.

3-on-3 Closeouts with a Ballscreen

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

3-on-3 Closeouts is a competitive drill that develops offensive and defensive decision making. A ball screen is added to work offensive and defensive reaction and

4-on-4 Blind and Defensive Rotations Concep...

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4-on-4 Blind forces the defense to cover a baseline or middle drive. The offensive player has the initial advantage of first step. After the initial

5-on-5 Three Trips

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A trip represents a movement from one end of the floor to the other. Communicating and competing in trips allows for a Games Approach to

3-on-3 Closeouts

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3-on-3 Closeouts develops offensive and defensive reactions and coverages. The offense must shoot or attack a closeout and make a basketball decision based on the

5-on-5 Chase Drill – Transition Offen...

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The Chase Drill works on conversion, on both offense and defense, into and vs. pressure. Two to four trips can be used to simulate play