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The Seven Things Coach Oliver Would Do as a High School Basketball Coach

Coach Oliver applies 20+ years of coaching knowledge to lay-out seven things he would do if he coached youth basketball today.
The Guide includes some free clickable video links to further explain the concepts.
The Seven Things are all easily applied and will provide instant improvement for your team.

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"Coach Oliver had a fantastic grasp of the content they were teaching and did an outstanding job explaining not only what they wanted the kids to do but why.”

Barry G., Los Angeles

"The training addressed aspects of basketball training not seen at other camps. The progression of drills was fantastic. Very easy to understand at all age levels.”

Helen A., Cedar Rapids

"During the school year my two daughters are taught not to think and to doubt their skills. It made them feel great to be free to think and learn. I love Coach Oliver’s approach not just for what they learned but most importantly how it made my girl’s feel."

Donna F., Jacksonville

“In only three days I could see improvement in my player's performance. The drills blended great and all represented real game situations.”

Jeff D., Nemarket

"My players loved that they were encouraged to make mistakes. They tested themselves, tried new things without worrying or over-thinking. By the end of the first day, they were already playing more freely."

Steve P., Baltimore

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